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Alignment Mix: Chaotic Neutral

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Safety Dance

Don Ellis Orchestra – Indian Lady (Single)

Unnatural Helpers – Sunshine Pretty Girls

From what I understand, Chaotic Neutral can include anything from a friendly bounty hunter to a completely, utterly, insane psychopath. I actually play most Bioware games (with the exception of Dragon Age 2 where I hunted filthy blood mages) in this alignment. Some days I’ll throw some mook out a window. Other days I’ll heal a sick alien that would otherwise hate humans. There’s no rhyme or reason why I do the things I do in the Mass Effect world with zero thought going into the consequences of my actions. Unless it has to do with Garrus or Mordin.

Musically, this leaves me a lot of options. It means I get to find songs that are unpredictable, a little strange and perhaps even a bit dangerous.

Honestly, the first song that came to mind was “Safety Dance”. A song about dancing if you want to and leaving friends behind verges on Chaotic Stupid, but I love it anyway. And, even though I was a bit critical of Asteroids Galaxy Tour the last time I’ve mentioned their stuff, I think this cover is fucking spot on. Her voice is weird, but the song is WEIRDER, so it works.

I’ve had arguments about the alignment of the Cowboy Bebop crew, but I think they all occasionally fall in that Chaotic Neutral territory. The theme song, “TANK!” is a really beautiful example of what I think Chaotic Neutral music could sound like. So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to go old school with this next song. This is Don Ellis with the single version of “Indian Lady”.

Finally, we have the song “Sunshine, Pretty Girls” by the Unnatural Helpers. It’s a punk song about not giving a shit and letting that be the doorway to freedom. It’s messy, a little drunk and got that carefree sound that reminds me of Chaotic Neutral. It’s also a very short song, but I imagine the Chaotic Neutral characters that go off the deep end don’t last very long either.


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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – The Golden Age

Today’s song is a great example of a good idea with killer sound but less than desirable vocals. There’s some jazzy brass, a twinkling piano and a sort of time travel element that’s just addictive. At first I was thrown off by mention of the “rats” (see: Rat Pack) paired with a ragtime piano, but technically the Hollywood Golden Age spanned over quite a few decades. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a sort of surreal fantastical idea of what the 20’s through the 60’s were like (no thanks to Hollywood and my grandparents) and this song oozes that feeling.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour seem like a one hit wonder in my humble opinion. That’s the problem with writing a really interesting song and having nothing else on your album sound the same. Their new EP has a bunch of tunes that are decent enough, but they actually resonate more with the 1980’s than the golden age. Now with retro and surf coming back, it would have been interesting to see a sugary pop take on that sound. Oh well.

It’s interesting to note that this track actually came out a couple years ago and only recently caught fire because of it being featured in a beer commercial. Say what you want about advertisement, but they’ve made us aware of some pretty sweet tunes.


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