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Daft Punk Covers

Is it bad that I renamed my roommate’s cats to be Bangalter and Guy-Manuel? I mean, if Daft Punk were felines, they would totally be these two. They always have a “you humans are goddamned strange” look about them.

TRON: Legacy is happening TONIGHT and I feel like I’m the only person out of all my friends who is pumped up about it. If you can’t appreciate stupid cult classics, then just forget it’s a TRON sequel. This movie is about two hours of Daft Punk music to really pretty graphics. What is there to hate about that? By the way, if you live in the Bay Area and are going to the movie tonight, listen closely for a fangirl scream if they make a cameo. I promise it’s going to be ten times worse than my typical call for BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS.

So, in honor of Daft Punk, here’s two of my favorite covers. I think I’ve linked Alphabeat’s “Digital Love” on my twitter at least a dozen times and it’s the one song that’s constantly trying to worm its way into every single mix I make. Most music buffs (especially ones across the pond) will recognize the group for making some of the best dance music out there right now, but the cover is actually acoustic. I think a lot of bands who cover “Digital Love” make the mistake of playing it too fast or making it rock and roll. Alphabeat understands it’s a sort of dreamy, sweet song and that’s what makes it work. The other cover is of “One More Time” by a cool chiptune band called Microchip. Lately, I’ve been into this genre of taking retro game sounds to make clever songs. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but I think Microchip handles the energy of Daft Punk very well. Anyway, listen and enjoy! I’m hosting these mp3s now, so remember to right click the link under the player if you want to download.

Next week we’ll take a closer look at Computer Magic, I’ll introduce a weird obsession I’ve had lately and maybe I’ll get around to talking about that band from California. Also, check back here over the weekend for my blogroll links.

Alphabeat – Digital Love (Daft Punk Cover)

Microchip – One More Time


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