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Adult Mom – Momentary Lapse of Happily


Do you like dreamy bedroom indie rock? Rilo Kiley vocals, Moldy Peaches lyrics and enough fuzzy guitar to coax you into chilling out? Adult Mom might be for you. Lead singer, Stephanie Knipe writes: “i wrote this record after 3 consecutive breakups that forced me to become a being other than myself, and soon, i was myself again” and yeah that’s what this album feels like. It’s songs about survival, about accepting the bad stuff and still finding the good in little things. There’s an intimacy to her songs that are immediately relatable and cathartic.

I wish I had this album when I was a teenager, especially “Survival” which is about being a terror, trying to figure out a purpose while avoiding heart break. With lyrics like “I clear the pores of my skin, I leave no room for anything,” I can’t help but be transported back to when I was a lot younger and there was so much pressure to have clear pores, to be cool and to not let things get to me. I also really enjoy the stuff she sings about her mom, it reminds me a lot of being a teenage girl with a bad attitude.

“Told Ya So” is a song I want to send my friends when they’re feeling sad, ashamed of themselves or simply out of place. It’s a sort of upbeat song about how she used to be embarrassed for doubting herself or simply feeling the impact of the world and then eventually accepted that it’s part of being human. It’s a short song that stays bobbing above water and it always makes me smile if I’m having a rotten day.

Other songs that really stand out are “Wake” that has great guitar work, “What’s Another Lipstick Mark” which is something you could imagine hearing on a college radio station in the middle of the day and the simple intimacy of “2012.” Each song is pretty short, simple and makes it easy to put the album on and write, play games or work on creative projects. These are the kinds of songs you listen to a month before spring starts, a couple hours before the sun comes up and just as you happen to be getting through some serious heartbreak.

Enjoy, my lovelies, and have a great weekend.


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LUUUL – Beach



Beach (feat. Amanda Roi)

I’m usually pretty wary of songs about the beach because they tend to be meandering, naval gazing nonsense, but LUUUL and Amanda Roi really bring something beautiful. This is a perfect Sunday morning song with Roi’s gentle, floating vocals that echo back faintly like the tide through a cave. LUUUL lets her voice really shine with simple beats, fuzzy electronic and exactly what I imagine when I think of good chillwave. There’s also some neat ocean sounds because come on, the song is called “Beach.”

Check out his Soundcloud! Plenty o’ free downloads.


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Monday Mixed Bag: Writing Music

Trentemoller – Sycamore Feeling

Bonobo – Noctuary

Scattle – To the Top (bandcamp!)

Snowblink – Unsurfed Waves

If you recall, I attempted National Write a Novel in a fucking Month before with very unimpressive results. I ended up hating a lot of what I was writing and since I already spend a lot of time doing what I call “interactive fan fiction”, I really can’t justify a month of writing that I’m not going to use if I’m already writing creatively. Should I be working on a novel daily? Probably. Buuuuut fuck it.

Anyway, so like I said, I write a lot. Either it’s for work, for my blog, for video game reviews or for my roleplaying. And, I usually like to have music playing while I do it. I figured since a lot of you are attempting the National Oh God Am I Actually Writing A Novel? Month I’d help y’all out with some tunes.

First up is what I like to call “Gotham Music”. It’s something clangy, dark and urban that belongs somewhere between Amusement Mile and Crime Alley. It’s got the intrigue of Arkham, the justice of Batman and maybe even some Siren sexy. “Sycamore Feeling” has all of this wrapped up in a six minute package. I love the dark beats, the grinding electro and smokey vocals. This song seems designed to take you places gently like a creepy tunnel of love and that makes it perfect for writing. This is for the horror writers. The noir revivalists. The dark cyberpunk fanatics.

Oh what’s that? You need something a little more ponderous. A detective thriller with a murder mystery to solve or a lone space oddesy? Bonobo’s “Noctuary” has the thing for you. With singular, twinkling melodies and a steady trip-hop beat, you’re sure to write up some good clues, secrets and twists. This is also a longer track and a little less adventurous, but that’s still good for writing. You get into the groove a lot easier.

But, you need something upbeat, you say! Something that is both totes bad ass and action packed? Well…I can’t believe I’m saying this…but Hotline Miami: The Takedown has probably some of the coolest blood pumping music I’ve heard in a long time. With 80’s inspired synths, a totes dramatic bass and a beat that’s infectious, I deem “To The Top” perfect for your fist pumping, dudes punching and guns shooting scenes. It’s short as hell, but sounds awesome on repeat.

Oh, what’s that? You’re writing the next indie-music inspired darling and you need something to get you in the mood of disenchanted suburban youth and sensitive loners? Snowblink’s “Unsurfed Waves” might have more vocals than the other songs, but the fuzzy guitar and gentle tone wraps around you like warm blanket while you watch the sunrise. It’s great for writing those optimistic feels, those teenage bro times you’ll never get back and that lost rebel adventure.

Happy writing!

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Magic Wands

Magic Wands – Black Magic

Magic Wands – Teenage Love

Okay everyone! Remember tonight at 10pm California time we’re going to have a little music hang out. Game Llama Gumballs is going to host tonight instead of me with a theme~ that’s sure to bring back some memories. BE THERE and then guild wars 2 maybe?

Today I dug up a band from a couple years ago that (shocker!) I’ve never heard before even though I guess fans of Gossip Girl and other Vagina Aimed shows would have. The Magic Wands are a neat, 80’s influenced, almost Muse and also Mother Mother mix. They’re the dark little sister of the Ting Tings with catchy choruses, chiming instrumentals and pretty vocals. I like that they’re a little weird even if their music catches a lot of pop music sounds in its nets. There’s no sparks of perfection in these songs, rather a lo-fi rawness that disregards correcting synth and auto-tuning in favor of vocals with personality and rogue guitars.

First we have Black Magic which is extremely catchy for a little indie song. I love the chorus in this song and how they stutter their voices with the line “bla-a-a-a-ck magic”. There’s a strong beat, faintly glowing instrumentals and then the heavy, static guitar that comes in for its own little solos. You’ll hear Muse in this song, but I think it sounds more like Mother Mother, who gaining momentum around the same time.

Next, a rainy day song with HAND CLAPS called “Teenage Love”. I know this song is really basic, but I love the dark retro feeling. Her deadpan delivery keeps the song from wandering into sugar pop territory, along with the slow, wandering instrumentals. I wonder if teenagers like to listen to music about young love, or it’s just us years past it who enjoy romanticizing that time once and a while?


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Four Tet – Iron Man

Four Tet – Iron Man Cover

This is probably the weirdest cover I’ve posted. Not because it sounds particularly zany or out there, but because it’s so far removed from the song it’s covering that it works kind of brilliantly.

After my Fez knock down, I wanted to prove that I like “chill” music. It’s good if it’s done right and makes for amazing writing music or just chilling as it were. I think the key to a good laid-back song is a simple melody, strong beat and nothing that sounds too abrasive. You don’t actually want a whole lot of sharp beeps and boops in a good chillwave song because it breaks up the vibe and forces you to listen too closely. I think that a strong, steady melody is the real key here, though. A good chill song can slowly bring me in and out of the water like a gentle tide. I know when the wave is going to sneak up on the beach, but I don’t totally know everything it’s going to bring up with it.

So, here’s the Iron Man song which has a chorus we all know. It has a recognizable melody that is generally pretty bad ass on it’s own. But, when you acoustic the song up and add some sweet, gentle electronic bits, it becomes a lullaby for a sleepy robot dragon. It reminds me a little of the elsewhere Marvel Fairy Tales stories (which I totally recommend!).

If this puts you in the mood for some sleepy time music, check out this, too.


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Monday Mixed Bag: Suburbia

Reptar – Orifice Origami

Digits – Because It’s Wrong

Chromatics – Kill For Love

I’ve started playing through Earthbound (Mother 2) for the first time and it charmed the pants off me. I love the cheekiness, the playful jabs at suburban America and the surprisingly advanced for its time RPG elements. I’m also a big fan of the music, which you can find in full here.

I thought I’d put together a little Earthbound tribute this Monday if you guys don’t mind. It’s not going to be chiptunes, but rather songs that remind me of what it was like to be a rebellious kid in the suburbs. I went with some weird stuff this week, so be prepared for the unusual and yet oh so familiar.

First up, we have a band that holds a special place in my heart because their name brings back nostalgic memories of cartoons. You know Passion Pit and Foster the People? Imagine their weird little brother who likes to paint figurines of space aliens and was a champion at racing a box down a muddy hill. There are hints of that “indie rock” feel that’s become popular, but Reptar isn’t afraid to blast through it with a little more velocity and personality. I love how weird his voice is, how the synth glows in the background like fireflies and how it reminds me of my own wild suburban youth.

Digits are hit and miss with me, but “Because it’s Wrong” is one of those tracks that’s more prowling than chill. The melodies and electronic flavor reminded me of Earthbound’s soundtrack when it goes into caves or past Ness’s bedtime. This song has almost zero direction, but I can’t help but head bop along with it. The darkness of it gives a slice of how sometimes if you stay out late enough and hang with the wrong crowd, you can get into some trouble.

Finally, we have a real chillwave plus pop equals success track from Chromatics. “Kill for Love” has sleepy vocals with synth that pours around it like Spring rain. I like how this feels like bedroom electronic but without the over saturated fuzziness that completely takes off any sort of edge.

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Monday Mixed Bag – College Rock

Eux Autres – Home Tonight

M. Ward – Primitive Girl

Last night I watched Reality Bites and absolutely hated it. Okay, to be fair I didn’t hate the movie, I just hated the people in it. The movie itself sets up a pretty typical story arch where a girl has to choose between a deadbeat who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else and a nerdy square. Even though the deadbeat is emotionally abusive, unreliable and has a serious superiority complex, she goes after him because…..true wuv? Man, I don’t know. All I know is that I’m glad I was a kid in the 90’s and not some idiot 20-something who thinks quoting the easiest fucking line of Shakespeare makes them a god. At least now, I can be an idiot 20-something who communicates through nerdy inside jokes.

So, here’s songs influenced by indie music that tells the 90’s to go to hell. First, we’ll start with a better era of music: the 1980’s. The term “indie rock” started in the 80’s when college radio stations started playing cool, undergroundish music like The Vaselines and Sonic Youth. These sounds are responsible for a lot of bands you enjoy today like Belle and Sebastian and even Arcade Fire. They paved the way for lo-fi, and proved to be young music that was the logical next step of maturity out of high school.

First up, we have Eux Autres with their new song “Home Tonight” off their hot new EP. If you’re a fellow fan of The Vaselines, you’ll see why I picked this song. It’s sort of sweet, smart and a little disconnected from the world.

Then, we have M. Ward, a college rock pioneer on his own right, with “Primitive Girl” off his new album which you should totally check out. This song actually reminds me of The Smiths and certain sects of chamber pop. What’s that, you ask? Well, chamber pop was developed in the UK out of a complete dissatisfaction for how rock music (which was dominated by America, by the by) at the time was heading. The 90’s were a time of grunge and hard hitting alternative rock, so chamber pop wiggled the other way and mixed some music from the 60’s (cough cough Velvet Underground cough) and electronic noises they found laying around. Not all chamber pop is good since a lot of it is experimental, but I like that it’s a big fuck you to the 90’s.


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