Four Tet – Iron Man

Four Tet – Iron Man Cover

This is probably the weirdest cover I’ve posted. Not because it sounds particularly zany or out there, but because it’s so far removed from the song it’s covering that it works kind of brilliantly.

After my Fez knock down, I wanted to prove that I like “chill” music. It’s good if it’s done right and makes for amazing writing music or just chilling as it were. I think the key to a good laid-back song is a simple melody, strong beat and nothing that sounds too abrasive. You don’t actually want a whole lot of sharp beeps and boops in a good chillwave song because it breaks up the vibe and forces you to listen too closely. I think that a strong, steady melody is the real key here, though. A good chill song can slowly bring me in and out of the water like a gentle tide. I know when the wave is going to sneak up on the beach, but I don’t totally know everything it’s going to bring up with it.

So, here’s the Iron Man song which has a chorus we all know. It has a recognizable melody that is generally pretty bad ass on it’s own. But, when you acoustic the song up and add some sweet, gentle electronic bits, it becomes a lullaby for a sleepy robot dragon. It reminds me a little of the elsewhere Marvel Fairy Tales stories (which I totally recommend!).

If this puts you in the mood for some sleepy time music, check out this, too.


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2 responses to “Four Tet – Iron Man

  1. Not bad – I guess it ticks the marks for a chill music, got a nice subtle and confident swagger. One thing though, the popping – idk if intentional or an artefact – was pretty upsetting :| Sort of ruined the song for me. I can appreciate low-fi in fastpaced breakneck songs when you want proper mud and noise, but here its just way too stand-out-ish, imo.

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