Monday Mixed Bag: Stuff I’m Afraid to Share

Theophilus London – Big Spender (Ft. ASAP Rocky)

Zeus – Are You Gonna Waste My Time

Hospitality – Betty Wang

Lisa Mitchell – Coin Laundry (Starsmith Remix)

The worst part of having a music blog is that I’m not totally sure if you guys will love the same stuff I do. It’s soul crushing to really love a song and have it torn down by your friends. The good news is that this is the internet and I don’t have to see your looks of disappointment. So, here’s some new music that I totally love, but I don’t know if you guys will. Music is a weird monster that way.

First is Theophilus London and Asap Rocky with what I like to call “Kanye Era Rap”. It’s about money, it’s kind of playful and it samples a song you otherwise probably wouldn’t listen to. I love how this song just rolls down the hill, stops for a moment and then blasts off to the fucking moon. The main reason why I was hesitant to share is because rap isn’t for everyone. Most people like hip hop because the beats are super cool, but rapping is kind of a whole different beast. I think these guys make their rhymes sound both lyrical and fun, but there’s a lot of it packed into a song. I personally think it’s super rad since I just love a good rap song, but I know my readers don’t always feel the same.

Next is a song that sounds like it’s from the 1970’s. Now, I was raised on classic rock and I personally really fucking dig this old sound. The kick ass guitar, pounding drums and hard hitting vocals is such a nostalgic missile for me that I just can’t help but rock out. The ironic thing about this is that he sounds a fuckton like Paul McCartney circa Sargent Pepper and I’m not the biggest Beatles fan out there. There’s some lyrics I really dig like “I can see you through my ruby reds” that smartly exerts how rock and roll this song is. My hesitation in posting this was mostly in that I don’t really know what’s nostalgic for you guys or how hard hitting you like your rock and roll.

Hospitality’s “Betty Wang” is a song that really grew on me. At first it seems like a typical twee song and on the surface it certainly is. You have that retro swing, sweet vocals and a love song sort of tone. But, it kind of unravels itself and moves in a couple different directions like its skipping through a meadow. I’m also a sucker for songs about people. I like character profiles, I like hearing about the kind of people that the band can fall in love with. Betty Wang seems like the kind of nice Asian girl who doesn’t bullshit, but also doesn’t say the word bullshit. It’s a lovesong to a clean, nice girl who makes a good friend. And, though I’ve posted twee on here before, I don’t know if you guys like it as much as I do.

This last one. Fuck. Really like I might be the only person who likes it. The blog I found it on even admitted to not enjoying the remix. There’s a lot of repetition, music that sounds like it is related to Passion Pit and it’s fucking long. But, I LOVE it. There’s something really sweet about the song and I dig the indie pop sound it’s been remixed with. It’s an old track that proceeds the rise of dubstep and honestly it’s a breath of fresh air in the midst of Skrillex and Deadmauss22see or whatever the fuck.


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8 responses to “Monday Mixed Bag: Stuff I’m Afraid to Share

  1. Before I say anything else:
    I really dig the descriptions you always provide in your posts. As well as letting us know what the songs would be like, you allow us to compare our own feedback on them to what you thought. And it is always useful to have a second opinion even on the very first listen.
    Pus, they are pretty well written, I’ve heard that that matters? Idk. So, yeah, thanks for that.

    I really really dig the second song. Though I mainly prefer Rock without the Roll, I do have a bit of a soft spot for shiny, happy R&R of 70’s style, and this song.. idk, for me, it felt like coming from the same time and style as, say, Hotel California.
    I wouldn’t call it heavy-hitting, though.. Seemed like a pretty light, jolly and bouncy track to me (then again, nearly all rock’n’roll is, by definition if it gets truly serious and heavyhitting, it turns into rock), but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Just saying that there’s room for a lot more heaviness.

    And yeah, not a fan of the beatles myself. Which is why I’m actually thankful that this song didn’t try to mimic the beatle style too much – its neither tribute nor pseudoremake, it’s its own song in a well-defined, classy r&r style. And it is a good song. Shame it is so short & fuzzy :(

    Personal opinion: MOAR OF DIS PLZ.

    • Thanks man. I’m glad you’re one of my “regulars” as it were. I’ve noticed that a lot of other blogs don’t post what they think about music, they just link to the track. I can’t do that. It seems so impersonal and lame.

  2. sarapickell

    I liked… the last one.

  3. Yeah, that last track is a lot of fun. Tried to add it to my lighthearted playlist and Grooveshark doesn’t have it. Boo!

    I listed to some other Lisa Mitchel. She sounds like the sort of thing my wife listens to while she pains and I make her wear headphones because I’m a dick.

  4. “I listed to some other Lisa Mitchel. She sounds like the sort of thing my wife listens to while she pains and I make her wear headphones because I’m a dick.”

    * listed = listened
    * pains = paints

    Damn but being the moderator spoils me. Used to hitting post and THEN proofing.

  5. I liked Theophilus London’s JAM! mixtape in terms of his hip-hop and Timez Are Weird These Days for his more new wavey indie-crossed hip-hop, but I’d be lying if I said I was into his Kanye-style raps. Though if I heard it enough I would totally sing along with it.

    Hospitality’s song reminded me of a more twee Another Sunny Day, though I think lots of twee pop like that could do with more of those delectable and quick 80s/90s indie guitar solos.

    The remix was pretty damn nice, too. I didn’t find it any more repetitive than the usual remix. Then again, I’ve had “Warm Leatherette” stuck in my head recently, so hardly anything seems very repetitive in comparison. so you can get it stuck, too.

  6. ManIsFive

    I want to second the comment about the descriptions, this is the only music blog I read, partly because of that. And that Hospitality song was, like, fizzy lifting drink bubbly. But wonderful.

  7. PSJ

    The first track is definitely a keeper for me. It’s not often rap does it for me, but when it’s good, it goes down.

    Also, I’ve been watching the site for a while (sounded less creepy in my head) from spoiler warning and I really like it. Keep it up and don’t let haters hate.

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