Meg Myers – Daughter In The Choir EP

If you’re looking for dark indie goodness, you don’t have to search much farther than Meg Myers. I posted her song “Monsters” on here earlier and have been totally looking forward to this new EP. For those who haven’t heard her yet, imagine if PJ Harvey decided to go a little more electronic with her music, but didn’t forget the screeching guitars and dramatic piano. She’s also not afraid to play around with the structure of the song. If she wants a sudden bridge or banjo solo, she’ll go for it.

My favorite song on here is “Tennessee” because it’s fucking weird. She talks over building strings and smashing beats about how fed up she is about hipsters in the city. It’s got that warped, dirt-of-the-earth Tom Waits feel. There’s a really cool part where a voice steps in to ask for banjo and she has one more thing to say before launching into a cool southern goth outro.

Following that is what could be the prettiest song on the EP. “After You” starts with the tried and true girl with her piano formula, but lets the chorus expand into something much more heavy hitting. It’s a pure love song without turning sugary.

That’s what I really like that about Meg Myers. Sure, her voice is beautiful and capable of turning light, but she keeps everything in the shadows. There’s no fear in experimenting new ways to twist the vocals. When she does, it’s unique and powerful. I think that’s part of why she’s an indie hit and will get recognized by the big guns in no time.

You can pick up a free copy of the EP here.


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3 responses to “Meg Myers – Daughter In The Choir EP

  1. This is the best music. I’d pay for it if it wasn’t free! And I don’t pay for anything. I still like Adelaide far too much.

  2. X2Eliah

    Hm, this is interesting.

    She sure has a good voice, and an even better arrangement – the composition & effects are pretty top-notch stuff as far as quality and clarity goes, imo.

    Yeah, what the hell is going on in Tennessee? All the other songs are pretty “safe” and “sane”, but Tennessee sort of calls back to the bad pool of indie-musician songs that are completely weird just for the sake of being “non-mainstream” (and I loathe this sort of thing, weirdness for weirdness’/hipster-cred’s sake).. So, yeah, idk. That song’s my second least-favourite on this album (the first goes to the Monster remix, it’s just way too obvious in its “remixy” vibe), which is a bit of a shame, because all the other songs are really great and enjoyable without having to have a weirded-out mindstate.

  3. Fishminer

    It’s funny, when I first listened to this it seemed pretty mellow. Then I read “Lost at Sea”, got mellowed the fuck out and listened to the album again and suddenly everything seems kinda harsh and intense. Still good, just not at all mellow.

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