Punch Your Buns (Ryden Ridge Remix)

Punch Your Buns (Ryden Ridge Remix)

Shit, shit, shit. I was going to do a full album review today, but I haven’t been feeling great this week and…well. I got a bunch of gamecube games that I’ve never played (Timesplitters 2) or haven’t played in a loooong time (Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door) along with a Wii game that will NEVER BE NAMED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE I’M TAKING THIS ONE TO THE GRAVE, FELLAS.

So, let’s do something easy today, shall we? Remix of my favorite Adventure Time song. ENJOY.


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6 responses to “Punch Your Buns (Ryden Ridge Remix)

  1. mrwhales

    That sounds eerily like the Rugrat’s theme at the end..

  2. Klay F.

    Wii Game: Its WarioWare isn’t it? I won’t judge. :)

  3. Jesus, I shouldn’t have even started a blog if having a backlog is a reason not to write.

    Expect Satisfied to update in 2049! It’s already been like 3 months.

  4. CD

    i’ve been meaning to mention this album to you, and now seems as good a time as any:


    Adventure Time snippets remixed up, beat style.

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