Hall & Oates – Out of Touch Remix

Hall & Oates – Out of Touch (DJ Kue Remix)

I love Hall & Oates. One of my favorite bands, The Bird and the Bee, did a full tribute album to them that breathed new life into their music for my generation. Well, that and this scene from 500 Days of Summer. I think they’re one of those duos that anyone who actually grew up with the music and had a half a brain probably hates, but since their deep cuts like “Rich Girl” and “Out of Touch” aren’t played on the radio very often, people like me can still enjoy them.

And, as you all know, I really love remixes. So, here’s something to sneak on during a house party. People will start dancing and then look at each other like, “Wait a second. Is this fucking Hall & Oates?” It’s like slipping meat into a vegetarian’s lasagna. They’re morally against it, but oh man does it taste so good.


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4 responses to “Hall & Oates – Out of Touch Remix

  1. I may be a H&O anti-fan, but I heart this track so much.

  2. That song used in 500 Days of Summer was used by my group in a short film project. We did a bunch of trailers where we would take a movie title and make something that could also have that title.

    We used Hall & Oates in a clip for Predator. In ours, it meant child predator. So, now Hall & Oates makes me think of child predators. Huzzah!

  3. Gavin

    I feel like I just fell into a tye-dye flavored canister of hairspray, fought rainbow ninjas with the power of dance and came right back around and attended a Jimi Hendrix concert.

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