The Third Day Mix

Superdrag – Sucked Out
Download SPC ECO – Big Fat World at Bandcamp
Or, The Whale – Toxic (Britney Spears Cover)

Well, we got under 24 hours left people. If I really believed judgement day was coming I think I’d be taking what’s left of my money and driving down to Disneyland to heckle guides on the jungle cruise. Honestly, my solution to pretty much everything is Disneyland. Oh, you just got a raise? Disneyland. Your grandma died? Disneyland. A crazy robot tried to kill you with fire, but you escaped only to be dragged back into the facility again before finally being set free? Motherfuckin Disneyland.

Fuck it. If this really is my last day on earth I want to tell you guys my favorite Disneyland story. If you’ve ever been to the New Orleans section of the park, you probably noticed there’s a lot of buildings that look accessible but are difficult to actually get to. Well, one of these little rooms on the second story is a tiny shop that sells beautiful Disney prints. I was hanging out there looking at some of the Haunted Mansion sketches when one of the bored employees spun me this tale:

When the Haunted Mansion was being developed, there were so many “Imagineers” working on it that the project became something of a clusterfuck. Everyone, including Disney, had a different idea of how the mansion should look and what the backstory should be. But, there were two guys in particular who butted heads the most. The first was Marc Davis, who worked on light-hearted rides such as the Tiki-Tiki Room and the Jungle Cruise. The second was Claude Coats (check out his webpage for his amazing art) who had a darker side and was known for much scarier stuff like Mister Toad’s Wild Ride and Pirates of the Carribeen.

Davis held onto the belief that Disneyland needed to be lighthearted and kid friendly while Coats thought the Haunted Mansion should actually be frightening. They would get into daily fights over this, even screaming matches in front of other employees. Coats started painting these beautiful, creepy scenes while Davis made goofy puppets. Rumors that they were playfully adding each other into the ride as ghosts surfaced and only made the differences in their work more apparent. Despite this, the people in charge let it happen and the scary playfulness of the mansion was born.

There’s not many rides in Disneyland that allow you to really feel the impact of each artist, but knowing this I bet you could pick out a Coats room from a Davis one without any trouble. I love that such conflicting ideas produced what’s easily my favorite ride at Disneyland. It’s also cool to know that artists who worked on actual Disney movies made these classic rides and that’s why they’re so special to me.

Anyway! Here’s my last three songs. The first one is extremely 90’s, the second is basically shoegaze and the third is easily the best Spears cover I have ever heard. I know for a fact I’d never get the chance to post any of these songs since they’re pretty stand alone and frankly a little off base from what I usually post. I really dig them, though.


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3 responses to “The Third Day Mix

  1. Desgardes

    Best way to end the world. Looting Mumbles’ archives for those rare bits of fun. I realllly like how utterly nineties the first one is, and it is some of the better type of stuff from the decade

    annnnnndddddddd the second is like a really mellow sneaker pimps, which is always kickin’.

    Also, I just kinda wish the cover was shorter, cause as much better as the song is, it just sorta felt a little too slow paced.

  2. Axle

    I read through you post while listening to first song, saw you mentioned the third song being a “Spears cover” but didn’t make the connection. Only glanced at the song title so it caught me by surprise at the chorus. Tis a much better version, but coming from me that doesn’t say much.

    AND now it’s relevant for me to post this gem

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