The First Day Mix

Chromeo – Night by Night (NEUS Dubstep Remix) Scanners – Baby-Blue (Egon Brainparts of Bossasaurus Remix)Angela Aki – Kiss From A Rose

Today was going to be dedicated to Hall and Oates, but then I was reminded the judgement day is in three days. A normal person might spend this time wisely by picking up the Minecraft soundtrack, emailing Gabe Newell or watching But, I’m a blogger and I have this urge to share stragglers of songs that I probably wouldn’t find a place to post otherwise.

So, for the next three days I’ll be posting music from the Mumbles vault that I personally love, but usually can’t find a place for on Digital Mumbles. It’s going to range pretty far and wide in genres, but hopefully you’ll find a couple good treats. If you have any requests genre wise, drop me a comment.

First up is a dubstep remix of a Chromeo track. Honestly? I wasn’t a fan of these guys until just recently and this remix just soars over the original. Yeah, I get weak in the knees for bass drops and that wa-wa-wa-wobble. You caught me. But, there’s also small hints of chiptune that makes the mix more than just heavy dubstep.

One of the first posts I made on Digital Mumbles was about a pair called Bossasaurus and I have no idea why I didn’t post this baller remix of the Scanners song, “Baby Blue”. It’s beautiful, intense and captures a sense of velocity. The original version of this song is pretty good, but I like the remix better because it adds a level of speedy variety that takes the song beyond dreamy and one-note.

This last song is a chick singing “Kiss From a Rose” in Japanese. I fucking love it.


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2 responses to “The First Day Mix

  1. axle

    I don’t know what you call that sound/effect/thing at the start of the first song but I really liked it for some reason. The rest of it didn’t do it for me exactly but I still liked it overall.

    For the third one, well, I really like piano versions of songs and she has a nice singing voice. So it was good.

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