Monday Mixed Bag – Homestuck :(

Les Savy Fav – Let’s Get Out of Here

Hey Ocean – A Song About California

Yuck – Coconut Bible

Yeah, I’m addicted. I wish I could say I had a thrilling weekend, but half of it was devoted to lounging around the house glued to Homestuck on my laptop. If you’ve never read it and want to see what all the fuss is about, here’s some new kid tips: Don’t expect it to be LOL HILAAARRIOUS from the very get go. The funny sort of creeps up on you. Also, take your time to read everything. This isn’t a race. If you don’t read all the pesterlogs and stuff, you’re just missing out on story and humor. Striders gunna stride.

So, here’s what I got today. We got a cute indie rock love song from Les Savy Fav. A nice jazzy sort of tune from Hey Ocean. Last, a really odd song from Yuck. I don’t know. You guys make sense of it.

Also, ask me a question for the 100th episode of Spoiler Warning over at Shamus’ site! For the sanity of other hosts, try not to make it about Batman or boys. Which is to say you should totally ask me those things ahahahahaahshdklweufsdjklvxc9ro


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9 responses to “Monday Mixed Bag – Homestuck :(

  1. Sree

    Huh for some reason that jazzy number sounded like a female Jason Mraz, also wow was that a trumpet! It was awesome!! also Yuck isn’t that weird… it’s sorta normal.. I thought you had standards mumbles :(

    weird would be like the next Mass Effect game where Shepard was voiced by Tom Waits with a Soundtrack made by Animal Collective.. wait no… that would just be awesome!!

    also the Allo Darlin gig was amazing! got to talk to the whole band, they’re super nice.. man that girl rocks out hard on that ukelele of hers! got a T-shirt.. was pretty drunk when I got it.. not too sure what I’m going to do with it now.. thanks for the recommendation mumbles!

    • Sree

      Oh yeah picutres, I got some kid who was taking photos to email it to me when he got it off his DSXLRVYKZ camera… will post a link when i get it

      • the lyrics man! the lyrics are WEIRD. they’re about cutting off stuff and thinking about how they won’t need them anymore 8|

        oh my god I can’t wait for pictures and im ssooo glad you had a good time <3

  2. X2-Eliah

    The overall sound of those tracks was too… high-pitched.

    Very bad to listen to on a Tuesday morning. Curse you.

    Uhm, ya, anyway. That certainly was indie, wasn’t it? Not partial to this type of vocals (Think LSF-LGOoH especially), truth be told, kinda grates on me nerves.

  3. Brian


    Oh, man, Mumbles; you’ve got to convince Shamus to read Homestuck. Or Problem Sleuth. Have you gone through Problem Sleuth yet? It’s a lot more front-loaded with silliness, and actually has a satisfying conclusion.

  4. Desgardes

    I would say Hey Ocean was female Jack Johnson over Jason Mraz, but that’s not really a bad thing.

    Didn’t like the vocals near as much as the rest for Yuck, but just inverse on Les Savy Fay.

    I like Hey ocean the most as a band, but for these three songs, it was the order you posted.

    • Sree

      Huh.. didn’t know he was the guy who sang the Curious George songs.. but Curious George ain’t got no trumpet solo!

      ever since TNG the presence of solo trumpet immediately makes a song superior to a song without a trumpet solo… It’s fact! Jonathan Frakes says so!

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