Monday Mixed Bag – The Conundrum

Mega Ran & K-Murdock – Bedrock City

The Go! Team – T.O.R.N.A.D.O.

jj – Im The One – Money On My Mind

I think I’m going to keep doing Monday Mixed Bags. I like having band spotlight entries, but sometimes I just want to share what I’ve been listening to over the weekend. Think of it as a sampler platter from Applebees or any other delicious, high-in-fat American foodstuff place.

As the picture above suggests, I’m constantly fighting with myself as to which bands I want to include on this blog because I like to give away stuff for free. This occasionally gets in the way of sharing really good music because the band might request actually getting paid for the work they put into their songs. I’ve decided I’m going to give into their wishes when a band is so good they need to have money thrown at them. I know it goes against internet code, but I like to think I’d do the same for an indie game. I hope you guys understand. And, I promise you can find this shit online somewhere for free.

That said! All the downloads today are free, lol. Right click the links above each player, hit save as and that shit is yours. Read more after the cut for info.

Okay, here we go. The first song is a pretty sweet chiptunes/hip-hop song about growing up with comic books. It’s extremely rare that an emcee can give me goosebumps, but the lyrics touch eerily close to home. Everything from watching comic book stores close to wishing that I hadn’t sold certain issues is brought up in this song and it’s just sort of beautiful. I think I’m actually going to post a little more about Mega Ran in the future if y’all dig it.

The Go! Team is a group you’re probably already aware of, but I’ve been listening to this song all god damned month. I watch a good deal of pro-wrestling (ALBEERRTOOO DEL RIIIOOOOO) and I have to say if I was going to have an intro song it would be this so hard. Mumbles the Tornado. Yeah, I like that.

I can’t stop listening to jj. For those who haven’t heard, they’re a Swedish band with a website I can’t understand and covers of some mainstream hip hop songs you might have heard. The vocals are very similar to stuff I’ve posted here before, so it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that I’m a fan.


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12 responses to “Monday Mixed Bag – The Conundrum

  1. X2-Eliah


    First song – lyrics perhaps appeal to non-traditional audience, namely people with a tinge of nerdishness, but the musical background was wretched, completely horrible.. That’s literally a basic step sequencer + one loop, no regard for instrument spacing (cheap static positioning and an LFO preset for the echo at 2:50-ish). That’s what I meant when I said ‘speak-music’. :( Bad.

    Next, tornado. This is a queer (as in weird) song.. The basic premise seems to be ‘over the top’, and the filters on instruments are quite consistent, giving a nice brushed sound. That said.. I don’t know, at the start I really didn’t like it, but by the end it all came together and just.. it works. Kinda. Don’t know, it really is an odd song, it has all the elements for me to hate it, but somehow I don’t.

    Next, the Swede thing. Really good. I mean, the technical polish here is really good, I’d say – proper use of aural space, smart vocal overlays, very constrained vocoding, appropriate instrument set and balanced volumes, in short, it was just really good. But that’s the problem, that song was way too short.. But oh well.. Really well polished track.

    • good mooorning Eliah

      YEAH I can see where you’re coming from with the first track. It’s one of those songs that asks you to listen to the lyrics perhaps a little more than the music. I get easily swayed by a talented emcee, so you got me there.

      I have to say I feel a certain bond with TORNADO. People think I’m odd, but tolerate me anyhow. Just like the song!

      yup yup. jj is amazing.

      • X2-Eliah

        Morning.. heh, I wish. Err, yah, I see how, if you were a lyrics-person, the first one might seem appealing.. Incidentally, I almost never listen to the lyrics themselves – I view the voice as another melodic instrument, and thus judge it no differently than an axe/git or a sax. Must be because English’s not my first language – so the sound always took precedence before the meaning, and it just stayed with me since.

        Seriously, you could have a whole song about kicking babies and I wouldn’t even notice, if the vocal delivery was good, consistent and complemented the other instruments.

        Kinda explains why I’m so adverse to the rap-hop scene.

  2. Sree

    interesting bit that jj song…

    check out elaine marcell seems to be your type.. he latest album ‘artificial fire’ is very smoky.. the song below is older but just as sexy :)

  3. “Bedrock City” really does have stellar lyrics. I thought the beat was pretty solid, too. The least I ask of music in hip-hop is that it should be recognizable without lyrics and complement the rapping well. It does that.

    I never really got on with The Go! Team, but it really is perfect wrestling intro music (for you, at least).

    jj is awesome! Most bands on the Sincerely Yours label are amazing, Air France being my favorite.

  4. Jarenth

    JARENTH uses REPLY TO MONDAY BLOG POST ON WEDNESDAY! It’s not very effective…

    Man, I think the last time I paid for music was… I guess 2003, or something. Then again, I only rarely download music as well, so I guess it evens out.

    Bedrock City was ok. I like the quirky lyrics (I just like quirky lyrics in general), and the background sound just made me think about Final Fantasy, which means I’m hardcoded to think positive thoughts about it. The same lyric thing applies to T.O.R.N.A.D.O, which I will never type this way again, and I’m just a sucker for upbeat music anyway, so that’s really a one-two punch of goodness.

    Money On My Mind kind of reminded me of Dark Days, White Lies, in that they’re both the slow ethereal kind of music I don’t particularly like or dislike. But hey, two out of three ain’t a bad harvest.

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