Bossasaurus – Special Deal 4 U

Bossasaurus – Dark Days, White Lies

(Visit their bandcamp page for a free download of the entire EP, Lacerta. If you throw some money their way, they’ll send you some exclusive tracks.)

I love finding artists that are from my area without ever going to a show or hearing about it from locals. Straight from Oakland, CA, Bossasaurus is steadily lighting up the internet with some great electronic and hip hop beats. I give them another year tops before they’re producing music for big names and big money. Why? These guys understand the basic construct of the genres they dabble in while insisting on being experimental. Oh, and they kick ass.

In every genre there’s safe places a song can go that will usually hook people in because it’s familiar and sounds good. There’s typically nothing wrong with that and it’ll make a good pop song. However, it’s not that interesting. Not to mention, I’ve always preferred progressive hip hop and electronic music that takes a small step away from the techno unce unce unce sound. Bossasaurus is not only playful with the songs they produce, but they’re willing to step out of bounds and add layers. That’s what makes great music.

The first video is a remix they did of Aesop Rock’s “None Shall Pass”. It’s sort of a goofy thing to watch, but I think it matches the tone of the song. Next is “Special Deal 4 U” which I partially picked because the vocals sound like K.K. Slider from Animal Crossing. And, finally, my favorite, “Dark Days, White Lies”. It’s dreamy, beautiful and has great lyrics. Remember, if you like what you hear, go check out their bandcamp page. A lot of their stuff is free and their rap remixes are off the hook.


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3 responses to “Bossasaurus

  1. X2-Eliah


    Okay, first-off, the remix was quite wretched – but I just have an itch against speaking-‘music’, and it wasn’t the worst of the lot.

    Now, on to the real deal. Special Deal 4 U seemed to be quite a good track, plenty of smart synth-applications and effects. I could swear that the ‘bubbling’ effect was made by Wasp XT sim-synth (and the other saw-waveform sound as well, but not so sure).

    And, of course, Dark Days, White Lies was absolutely brilliant song – a perfect example of how an electronic track can be both touching, chill-inducing, well polished and retain affiliation to ‘music’.

    Overall.. I’d say, if they follow down the path as given by their remix video, then nothing special will come up. However, if they focus on their electronics, then they really could make it.

    Of course, as a reality check, sometimes incredible talent is not enough to make it in the industry.

    • Jarenth

      Cynic. ;)

      I personally preferred None Shall Pass and Special Deal over Dark Days. But that’s probably because I just don’t really like that dreamy, haunting type of music.

      Quite enjoyable music, overall.

  2. I liked “Special Deal 4 U” the most. Electro with house and 80s dance tendencies is usually pretty catchy and that track’s no exception. I think I shall grab Lacerta.

    Thanks, Mumbles!

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