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Andrew Pierce & Sable Yong

Last night I tried desperately to nap during the end of TRON: Legacy, but IMAX sound is cranked up to level 11 all day every day. The funny thing is that I actually fell asleep around the same part in the first movie. All I remember is that they were on that fucking flower tram thing and it was taking them forever to reach the portal. I want to say it was worth it for the Daft Punk clubbin’ scenes, but I’m not really sure. All Disney had to do was cut all the useless dialog. Less talking, moar light cycling.

Anyhow, I’ve finished putting together my starter blogroll. All of the links are music related except my bros at Twenty Sided and Chocolate Hammer. If you’re a nerd/videogame enthusiast, there’s a very good chance you’ll find plenty of interesting things on their blogs.

Since I don’t like making a post without including music, here’s some pretty chill weekend tunes by Chalk and Numbers. I’m a sucker for surf music with a sort of retro feel. Even though these guys are from Brooklyn, their songs sound like they were recorded in a little studio near a warm beach. Perfect listening for a cold, rainy weekend. The songs below are nice and mellow, but you can check out some more upbeat stuff at their bandcamp page.

Chalk And Numbers – I Really Wanna Work This Out

Chalk And Numbers – I Hope You Do


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19 responses to “Delicious Blogroll

  1. I hope “delicious blogroll” is a reference to the deliciousness of chocolate hammers, rather than to using Delicious as a blogrolling service– they’re about to fold :(

  2. Jarenth

    Hmm. Not my kind of music this time, but you can’t win ’em all I guess.

    So, Tron 2. Worth the eight bucks?

    • I don’t expect people to like all the stuff I post. If anything, I like seeing what people respond the best to.

      No. Don’t see it. Complete waste of money :[

    • Viktor

      I liked it. Plot’s a bit lame, but not bad or boring, visuals are pretty, and that actors are generally good, especially the supporting cast. That said, while Tron basically had to be in 3-D, 3-D adds nothing to it, so watch the 2-D version and save some money.

      • RTBones

        To me, nothing HAS to be done in 3D, despite what the Avatar crowd might have you believe (no disrespect to those that like the movie – I personally did not enjoy it). A good story and decent acting go a long way. I’ll take Inception or The Usual Suspects long before I’ll take anything that “has to be done” in 3D.

  3. I should say that my blog (Satisfied) is supposed to also cover games and film too, I’m just so lazy right now that it’s violent.

    Chalk and Numbers doesn’t sound too surf-like to me, but I guess that’s compared to bands like Best Coast and Wavves that are all the rage as of now.

  4. X2-Eliah

    Uh, This really is full-on retro. Just needs some swirling bright-coloured pictures for a complete effect..

    Anyways, nice to hear the movie you were so pumped to see was so worth it. Maybe if they did a gritty reboot of the franchise, it would have worked better.

    • You need to go back and listen to some Beach Boys :)

      EH. I was excited for a sleek sci-fi movie and I think the handful of fight scenes were pretty good I guess. They just needed more of them.

      • X2-Eliah

        Not sure I want to :) I’ve always leaned towards instrumental/orchestral mixed with celtic.. Yeah, weep for my lack of taste :D

  5. Deadpool

    Hard to find the right subject matter to bring this up, so I won’t even look. You’re a both a game dork and a music dork, but I’ve noticed a leaning torwards the western, PC games. When it comes to off the beaten path, multi-genre music in video games, the Japanese are well ahead of us (which is unfortunate, and we ARE catching up, slowly but surely). If you have access to a PS2 or PSP, try and check out Persona 3 and 4 (4 is PS2 only). Good music, tons of different genres (doesn’t match anything you put up here so far, but you DID say you have varied tastes). I mean these guys had a CONCERT for nothing but their music (and it’s mostly on youtube). I’m hoping one day the western world will treat game music in the same way…

    Anyways, less rambling more linking:

  6. Slothful

    These songs are good, but they don’t have that Beach Boys ridiculously manic upbeat-ness that I was expecting.

  7. Desgardes

    I love the surf music. Its resurgance in the last decade has just made me real giddy.

  8. Denton

    Blast from the past. I really like the song Chalk And Numbers – I Really Wanna Work This Out! Thanks for that, it’s been saved.

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