Monday Mixed Bag: V-DAY BREAK UP


Adult Mom – I Make Boys Cry

Stealth – I Don’t Need Your Love

Nevermen – Mr Mistake

I love Valentine’s Day. That’s mostly because I’m happily married and all that stuff. Gross, right? But, some of the best songs out there are about breaking hearts. Most of us have done that earth shattering heel turn. Sometimes it feels good, sometimes it feels awful, sometimes you don’t feel anything and more typically it’s a really evil mix of all those plus more! So, here’s to you, heartbreakers. Tell Valentine’s Day to go fuck itself with your head held high.

The first is kind of a cheat since I introduced all of you to Adult Mom a couple weeks ago. I’m really glad everyone seemed to love those songs and I thought perhaps I’d try my luck and share just one more. “I Make Boys Cry” was actually the first thing that I heard from Adult Mom and I related to it immediately. I, too, have made boys cry. It left me feeling regret for hurting someone I care about, mixed with the feeling that I did what was best for me. You gotta do you. Adult Mom explains that perfectly with that friendly, it’s going to be okay, vibe that runs through all her songs.
Stealth’s “I Don’t Need Your Love” is a soulful, slowly swaggering song that is perfect for a breakup with someone who you didn’t have enough chemistry with. We’ve all been there. I can imagine this playing in some poorly lit lounge, surrounded by lonely souls who would rather drink by their own damned selves than waste someone’s time. I like that even though this is a breakup song it is damn sexy. If you can listen to it without snapping your fingers and swaying to the beat, you are a better person than I.
Our final song by Nevermen is dedicated to all kinds of breakups where you know the other person is just an asshole. This is a happy, bouncing song about how someone keeps screwing you over and over and over. Frankly, I think I’ll be listening to this a lot whenever I get sad about Wrestlemania. Yay!


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Adult Mom – Momentary Lapse of Happily


Do you like dreamy bedroom indie rock? Rilo Kiley vocals, Moldy Peaches lyrics and enough fuzzy guitar to coax you into chilling out? Adult Mom might be for you. Lead singer, Stephanie Knipe writes: “i wrote this record after 3 consecutive breakups that forced me to become a being other than myself, and soon, i was myself again” and yeah that’s what this album feels like. It’s songs about survival, about accepting the bad stuff and still finding the good in little things. There’s an intimacy to her songs that are immediately relatable and cathartic.

I wish I had this album when I was a teenager, especially “Survival” which is about being a terror, trying to figure out a purpose while avoiding heart break. With lyrics like “I clear the pores of my skin, I leave no room for anything,” I can’t help but be transported back to when I was a lot younger and there was so much pressure to have clear pores, to be cool and to not let things get to me. I also really enjoy the stuff she sings about her mom, it reminds me a lot of being a teenage girl with a bad attitude.

“Told Ya So” is a song I want to send my friends when they’re feeling sad, ashamed of themselves or simply out of place. It’s a sort of upbeat song about how she used to be embarrassed for doubting herself or simply feeling the impact of the world and then eventually accepted that it’s part of being human. It’s a short song that stays bobbing above water and it always makes me smile if I’m having a rotten day.

Other songs that really stand out are “Wake” that has great guitar work, “What’s Another Lipstick Mark” which is something you could imagine hearing on a college radio station in the middle of the day and the simple intimacy of “2012.” Each song is pretty short, simple and makes it easy to put the album on and write, play games or work on creative projects. These are the kinds of songs you listen to a month before spring starts, a couple hours before the sun comes up and just as you happen to be getting through some serious heartbreak.

Enjoy, my lovelies, and have a great weekend.


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Draper & Laura Brehm

My process for picking music usually involves a lot of farting around the internet, collecting shiny things like a magpie and then sorting through them until I find something to obsess over. Sometimes I find stuff I can’t stop listening to, though. It gets to the point where I know it makes zero sense to NOT post it on this blog of mine.

To say that I’ve listened to a lot of Draper lately would be an understatement. I have had these two song on repeat nonstop and when I don’t have them on, I wish that I was listening to Draper and Laura Brehm’s beautiful, beautiful music. Like right now! I want to stop writing so I can go back to listening!

The amazing thing about music is that sometimes a song can surprise you. It can start small, then build into something fast, sharp and pointy or sweet and endlessly uplifting. Draper is fantastic at taking you along for a ride that you can’t predict from the first couple of seconds of the song. I loved being surprised by these two songs. They start off with Brehm’s inviting voice and turn into these sing-a-longable anthems. They’re optimistic, loving and leave me absolutely daydreaming. These songs are giftwrapped electro gems that shimmer once you rip through the paper.

First we have “Pressure” that starts with Brehm singing almost alone with blips and buzzes behind her. It builds and builds into a chorus of voices that gave me chills the first time I heard it. The song swoops high and low like this and gives off a feeling of epicness that can be found in your favorite video game climax. And, when the song comes to a close? Her voice glitches out, like a transmission being cut short.

Next we have “All I See” which is a perfect pick for anyone who loves the marriage of pop and electronic like I do. Again we have Brehm’s soft, friendly vocals that take us to a dream about love and wishing for more time. The chorus, again, is fantastic. Bubblegum pop that makes me think of a sci-fi future of smooth surfaces and screens everywhere.

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Monday Mixed Bag: Rainy Days



Moderator – Words Remain

Sampa the Great – Blue Boss

Kath Bloom – I Wanna Love

It’s finally raining in California! We’ve been without any kind of rainstorms for so long that I can’t get grumpy at soggy tennis shoes, wet jackets and bad driving. Rain is one of the most beautiful sounds nature can give us, but it also puts me in the mood to listen to some chill, kinda sweet jams. And, no, this has nothing to do with my new favorite wrestler. Nope.

First up we have “Words Remain” by Moderator. A perfect blend of jazz and hip hop. Beautiful vocals that rise and fall over a constant beat that doesn’t try to hit you over the head. The title of the song mixed with the flow of the music makes me feel like a space hero entering the final act of her story.  This is perfect rainy day writing music.

Sampa the Great is pushing my chill boundaries with “Blue Boss” but the percussion of the song feel like rain on a tin roof. The song simulates a rainy day with a few clouds, a momentary downpour and then that steady, familiar tap, tap, tap of rain on your window.

Finally, a real guilty pleasure of mine on rainy days: singer-songwriter stuff. Kath Bloom is just vocals, guitar and the feeling that maybe the sun will come back out someday. She talks about accepting the pain of love to get the good and isn’t that what rain is all about?

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The Music of Omikron: The Nomad Soul


First things first! You can get Omikron: The Nomad Soul for free until January 22nd by going here, adding the game to the cart, putting in the code “omikron” and then you’ll get a Steam code. If you love weird old games and want to see where David Cage started getting his freak on, it’s worth checking out. Not to mention the music!

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Monday Mixed Bag: Bowie Covers

Dar Williams – Starman

TV on the Radio – Heroes

Champagne Drip – Modern Love

Ah, crap. Well, I had some other stuff planned for today, but I couldn’t live with myself without doing a Bowie tribute. The funny thing is that Nick was playing Omikron last night and I was thinking about doing a whole post about the rad music in that game. I still might. Bowie week? Why the hell not.

So, okay. David Bowie. To me, he was pure joy, love and affection. He was sci-fi weirdness with some beautiful sadness mixed in. His music was visceral. You could see the things he described in his songs, every little detail and star that was featured. Bowie made me want to be myself while bringing happiness to other people. He was variety while still keeping true to a sound we could all recognize. There’s always songs from Bowie you don’t care for, stuff you love. That’s how it goes.

What are some memories you associate with him? I know a lot of people (myself included) that realized they liked boys after seeing him in Labyrinth. I remember dancing to “Golden Years” with fellow drama geeks to get the anxiousness of performing on stage out. I also met my husband wearing my Bowie shirt and every time I wear it now it makes him really happy.

You’re going to see a lot of Bowie tributes out there, so I hope you like this tiny, spacey music blog’s contributions. And, hey, I understand if it’s too painful to listen to this stuff now. When Joe Strummer died, I couldn’t handle listening to the Clash without bawling my eyes out.

So, here’s the mix! I’m going to make it as weird as I can. The first is from Dar Williams who is an amazing folk artist. One of the best. Her version of “Starman” plays up how the song feels like a sci-fi short story. This is one of the songs that I don’t like a lot of distortion in the covers. The clearer you can hear the lyrics, the better. Next with their cover of “Heroes” is TV on the Radio, who are kind of hit and miss for me. Don’t get me wrong, though, this version is a real hit. They’re more experimental with this song and I think it completely works while keeping that modern indie rock vibe. Champagne Drip gives us an electro and dare I say jazzy version of “Modern Love” that has a killer saxophone solo in the middle. Saxophone might not be as cool as it was back in the day, but I’m glad they kept it. Finally, my favorite track of the day, Phia & Josh with their tweeish cover of “As the World Falls Down.” Probably the first Bowie song I ever really loved brought down to its barebones beauty.

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What the What: 2016 Edition


About 2 hours before I was supposed to wake up for work today, my husband rolled over and asked me to renew this domain. Why, I asked. What is the point? I don’t even go there anymore. And then he grunted, farted and that was the end of that.

Truthfully, the reason why I didn’t come back is because I love this damn blog and it takes a lot of work to keep it going. A lot of work I didn’t have time for. I was doing life changing stuff (see: I have a husband now??) and trying to figure out what the purpose of life was and all that shit. Yes, sometimes it takes years to get all that stuff right. So, anyway, now that I’m sure I have time to be consistent with posts, I am back for real. For real real this time. Not for play play.

I decided that the best way to come back is to post a handful of songs that I really dig. That’s….that’s what music blogs do, right? Oh god.

“You’re marvelous when you stop tweeting” is maybe one of the best lines I’ve heard in a rock and roll song. The Heavy Howl might be the kind of music you’d expect Chloe from Life is Strange to listen to. Funny lyrics, dancing beats and a willingness to run towards the new while keeping their roots in classic rock music.



I figured I should throw in a song by one of my favorite bands this year. Kero Kero Bonito loves video games, weirdness and oh yeah the lead singer can rap in Japanese. I first found them on the secret songs mix with their strange and inspiring Flamingo track. Check it out!

Okay, let’s slow it down. This is “Take a Step” by Big Cats and if you love the soundtracks to The Yawhg or The Beginner’s Guide, this might be for you.

When I was in high school, I used to listen to music to help me go to sleep. Being a teenager means you have a lot of stuff going on in your head and in your heart and sometimes music is the only way to calm that shit down. I don’t do it anymore, partially because I share a bed with someone and falling asleep with headphones can be a bit awkward, but also because I just don’t need it.

That said, I’ve been trying to find music that let my imagination run off, smell the flowers and climb some trees while still calming me down. I think this song manages that. There’s some really beautiful vocals by Claire de Lune with lyrics I can’t understand. Lyrics I’m glad I can’t understand. They blend perfectly with the dreamy instrumentals and allow you to make up your own realities. I’m grateful there’s some spacey beats mixed in to give the song some movement without getting your blood pumping. You should also listen for the ripples in this song. It’s kind of magic.

So, there you have it, music lovers. Come back Monday for a traditional mixed bag and we’ll make our way into 2016 together. Like we used to. Like a family.


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