LUUUL – Beach



Beach (feat. Amanda Roi)

I’m usually pretty wary of songs about the beach because they tend to be meandering, naval gazing nonsense, but LUUUL and Amanda Roi really bring something beautiful. This is a perfect Sunday morning song with Roi’s gentle, floating vocals that echo back faintly like the tide through a cave. LUUUL lets her voice really shine with simple beats, fuzzy electronic and exactly what I imagine when I think of good chillwave. There’s also some neat ocean sounds because come on, the song is called “Beach.”

Check out his Soundcloud! Plenty o’ free downloads.


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Deer Tick – The Dream’s in the Ditch


Deer Tick – The Dream’s in the Ditch

This song reminds me of Phil Fish. Relevant music post! Classic folk style mixed with The National style of indie music making.  Cool lyrics! Something to listen to while your dreams are being shattered by the internet!

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Sup nerds. Do you listen to Night Vale? Well, if you like NPR, but feel like it doesn’t have enough spooky dog parks, glow clouds and monstrous radio management, get on that. Also, they have great music. Music so great that I’m back. I’m back after months and months of being underwhelmed and generally stuck in a loop of music that included primarily “Jackson” and a cover of “Bell Bottom Blues”. It was lovely, but the lack of indie music whelming my senses was disheartening at best and soul crushing at worst.

But, don’t worry once loyal fans of music and newcomers to the site! We’re never going to make it onto Hype Machine, so fuck it! We do it our own way!

First, we have Satellite High’s “The Bus is Late”. A local band, and by local I mean San Fran (I was born there I’m allowed to call it San Fran if I want to), or maybe it’s just a local dude who does hip hop related stuff. I enjoy the bouncing chiptunes in the back. I love the simple lyrics that sound like he recorded it at a bus stop waiting for the aforementioned bus in the rain. I love how stupidly catchy it is.

Next we have some cute twee (is it just me or does he sound a little like Campster?) from Robin Aigner and Parlour Game. It’s dirty! It’s so cute, but oh my god these LYRICS ARE SO DIRTY IT COULD BE A HIP HOP SONG. If you have a girl you like or maybe a boy you should totally make out to this song. It’s short though, so make every second count.

 Okay, none of that interests you? FINE. How about some Tarantino worthy, James Bond groovy, world fushion goodness? I’m not even really sure what is going on with Dengue Fever, but I like to pretend they’re a band of secret, international agents that do sweet music on the side.

Get down with your bad self. Digital Mumbles is back.


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by | May 5, 2013 · 6:11 pm

Hem – Departure and Farewell

art by argentinaland
Click here for Hem.  Click here to listen to it on my Tumblr. 

Typically I like posting music I can give you for free, but Hem is such an interesting band that I think I’m going to make an exception. Since I can’t embed anything on wordpress, I’m just going to give you guys lots of links and tell you what songs to listen to first, okay? I found them while I was just surfing around Rdio and after a few songs in, I realized this album makes a nice compliment to Bioshock Infinite.  There’s a lot of great folksy influence, her voice is beautiful and uplifting while maintaining lyrics that are bittersweet and full of  Americana fantasy. Hem has a way of showing influence from a lot of different eras of folk music, which, you know, is very Bioshock Infinite as well.

Okay, so I’m posting songs that remind me of the game the most. The first is “The Seed” which sounds a lot like “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” which is a very beautiful Christian hymn. You’ll heard the similarities almost right away. “Jack Pine” reminds me of Booker with lyrics like “You fallen, broken seed. The day returned to you. You dreamt of fire and woke to find it true.” Next is “Traveler’s Song” which I think works well for Booker and Elizabeth in their own special ways. And, finally, “So Long” jesus christ I can’t even handle how beautiful this song is I am dying.

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GRiZ – Gettin’ Live

tiger kicks

GRiZ – Gettin’ Live

I told myself I wasn’t going to post music until I found something to fly a mech to. One month later or whatever? It’s time. So, my bros, equip your animal themed helmet, your color coded jumpsuit and some sweet catch phrases cause you about to go save the world from a giant glowworm. This song is over seven minutes long, but it’s a fucking grab bag of how electronic shit should sound in our future of flying robots with joysticks.

And, oh man. When the guitar comes in at 4:20 EXACTLY get ready to put your shades on.


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The Lost Fingers – Pump Up The Jam Cover

pump it

(Click here for a link to the soundcloud page)

Hey @maxusy3k this is for you. The rest of you? Do you like electro mixed with gypsy punk? Of course you fucking do.


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